• Jim Bennett
  • Jason Short
  • Jennifer Abbott
  • Jennifer Kurecka
  • Jennifer Powers
  • Jennifer Young
  • Jenny Conrad
  • John Phillips
  • Julia McMains
  • Kim Mullins
  • Kimberly Bonine
  • Laura Miller
  • Lauren Castleberry
  • Lea Boiles
  • Lylia King
  • Dr. Maria Gamell
  • Peggy Pfursich
  • Philip O'Neal



The goal of the Committee is to involve constituents of Mansfield Independent School District in evaluating the district’s projected growth and other aging and evolving facility needs in order to continue to make MISD a GREAT place to live, learn and teach.



The purpose of the Committee is to provide facility and equipment recommendations to Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees after having studied a district-wide facilities assessment, enrollment projections, financial data, results of a community survey, and other data relevant in creating and maintaining learning environments that provide all students with great opportunities for success.



The Committee shall:

•  Consider the educational needs of all students and align with the district’s mission, vision and goals

•  Represent the entire community, its values and perceptions in the facility planning process

•  Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including, but not limited to:

•  District growth and capacity

•  Building age, safety and condition

•  Evolving educational delivery and programs

•  Consider the district’s current financial position and funding methods to develop a recommendation that is fiscally sound

•  Report their findings to the Board of Trustees including recommendations as to how to proceed with addressing the district’s growth and facility needs


The Committee is comprised of individuals from the community who represent the diversity and multifaceted interests within Mansfield ISD, including parents, grandparents and non-parents, teachers and district staff, community leaders, business owners and more.


Committee Chairpersons were selected to lead the committee process, assist with facilitation of meetings and represent the committee in its recommendations to the Board of Trustees. District staff members and district consultants will aid the Committee and serve as information providers.


Committee members convened for 10 meetings over the span of six months to collectively study and prioritize MISD's facility needs and come to consensus on the best recommendation to be delivered to the Board of Trustees.

  • Amanda Ferguson
  • Ana Gann
  • Angel Biasatti
  • Angie Heitmeier
  • Anthony Avery
  • Anthony Dansby
  • Carmin MacMillan
  • Chad Crafton
  • Charles Williams
  • Dave Hodgson
  • Debbie Van Cleave – Secretary
  • Deborah Mabry
  • Debra Frizzell – Chairperson
  • Derek Townsend
  • Desiree Thomas
  • Eric Petry
  • Eric White
  • Erica Carswell
  • Gina Rietfors



  • Randall Canedy
  • Raymond Meeks
  • Regenia Crane
  • Rob Schulz
  • Robert Putman
  • Roger Garcia
  • Ron Pyles
  • Scott Albin – Chairperson
  • Sheri Capehart
  • Shawn Johnson
  • Sue Gerlach
  • Steve Chase
  • Tammy Lusinger
  • Ted Pfursich
  • Thelma Foster
  • Todd Taylor
  • VanDella Menifee
  • Victorius Eugenio

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