1. What is the Facilities & Growth Planning Committee?

A group of community members that have come together to evaluate the district’s projected growth and other aging and evolving facility needs in order to provide facility and equipment recommendations to Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees in creating and maintaining learning environments that provide all students with great opportunities for success.


2. Why is MISD forming a Facilities & Growth Planning Committee?

The district wants input in evaluating its facility needs and by forming a Committee it allows the district to hear from and incorporate many different perspectives from people in the community. Committee participants reflect larger community values, needs, and desires.


3. Are only MISD staff on the committee?

No. The Facilities & Growth Planning Committee represents a diverse demographic makeup of Mansfield ISD residents, including local civic and business leaders, parents, as well as school staff working alongside one another to prioritize and build a recommendation to the Board of Trustees that best represents the values and perceptions of the entire community.


4. What documents and data does the committee review to determine the needs of the school district?

The Committee will study a district-wide facilities assessment, enrollment projections, financial data, results from departmental long range planning discussions, results of a community survey, and tour existing campuses in order to form their recommendation. MISD will make any other relevant data or requested data available to the committee that should aid them in their decision-making.

Questions received by MISD throughout this process will be posted here.

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